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last updated jan 2024, it’s about to rain

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Hello internet surfer ◡̈ !

I’m Connie, currently in NYC and am from Pennsylvania. I like to make thingsWhat?. My day job is being a product designerWhere? and my other waking hoursWhen? are spent exploring and searching for the reason I’m making things in the first place.

photo of me and apples

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Currently I'm fascinated by single purpose tools, digital representations of self, media distribution channels, ways of connection, simple platitudes, and how technology can and cannot make the world betterWhy?. On a more generic scale, I, like everyone else, is curious about how the world will look like as we automate more and more things.

I love meeting new people and collaborating on ideas/projects, please reach out!How?



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risograph I own


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          _/   /
         //   /
        //   /
    _  / || \  ^o
    \\/ ()_) \.
     ^^ <__> \()
      //_||_\\  ds
     // \||/ \\
    //   ||   \\
   \/    |/    \/
   /     |      \
  /      |       \
        - --+- -
I want to work on tools to help mitigate climate change and plastic / manufacturing consumption
I want to have a more expansive creative practice where I create work that brings meaning to myself and others
I want to be more sure of myself and be better at providing deep attention


Try not to think in binaries but have an opinion

Meeting new people and trying new things always outweighs the fear

Ask the world what you want of it

Fail often but fail intentionally

As long as I was doing it for myself, my love will never have been wasted

Give the benefit of the doubt

Learning is fun!


the first iteration of myself

a list of failures